Bach Flower Remedies (Remedies / BFR)

The Bach flower remedies work at emotional level, and guide in balancing our negative emotions empowering us to wade through difficult times. Remedies assist us in the process of fine-tuning one’s emotional balance. It increases self-knowledge and the chances of good health throughout life.

Just to share few areas that they can help us with are :
• Increase confidence

• Cope with stress and stressful situations
• Overcome fears
• Understand your relationships
• Manage and understand your anger

• Fulfill your potential

• Improve well-being

• Tackle depression


They are safe for the family to take and are being used all over the world with great success. are simple to use and do not interfere with any other medical treatment and can be safely taken along with any other medication.


The Remedies, discovered by Dr. Bach, are made out of 38 flowers and can be taken for fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, submissive or aggressive behavior, lack of interest in studies or generally in life.  The remedies form a wonderful harmonizing system for disruptive emotional states. They are natural remedies based on the healing power of nature;


Roopa offers individual Bach flower consultations by appointment.

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Level 1

Bach Centre (UK)approved Level 1 course

Basics of Bach Flower Remedies

Workshop content:

All about 38 Bach Flower Remedies ;
How to select and use remedies in everyday life
Dr. Bach’s Philosophy; and much more

Learn From the comfort of your home on Zoom  online course OR

Two days Classroom experience


Level 2

Bach Centre (UK)approved Level 2 course

Advance course:

  • Gain deeper understanding of remedies

  • Understand subtle differences

  • Type and mood remedies

  • How to enrich your own approach towards life with remedies

  • Learn From the comfort of your home as DLP (Distance Learning Program)  OR

  • Two days Classroom experience

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